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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Green Building?

How Much does Green Building Cost?
This is a very popular question with a complicated answer. The situation depends on what the client is looking for. First, you should determine what level of Green is right for you. The best way to do that is to figure out your goals in these six categories of Green.

1) Lot Design - Do you want to purchase a lot that takes full advantage of Green aspects or is lot selection less of a priority?

2) Resources - Are you interested in using only sustainable, recycled, and renewable materials that are designed in the most efficient way or do you prefer using only a few of these practices and products in the home?

3) Energy - Do you want to use every possible method to make your home as energy efficient as possible, including the use of solar energy to generate energy, or would you rather use methods that give the best results for a smaller initial investment?

4) Water - Do you want to reduce the water usage, reuse water where possible, and capture rainwater for irrigation, or do you want to utilize low-flow fixtures and other economical choices, such as centrally located water heater?

5) Air Quality - How much of a priority are filter systems and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which help reduce chemicals and allergens?

6) Operation, Maintenance, Education - How involved would you like to be in the operation of your new home - are you looking for a home that is both economical and low maintenance or are you looking to build a system that uses the best of technology and design to reduce your carbon footprint?

The next step is to determine the type of builder to use. Are you interested in a builder that has the education and experience to work directly with you to achieve the level of Green you desire or a builder who uses the Green label simply to charge more for a home by meeting only the basic, minimum requirements.

Paradime Construction, Inc. is set up to build Green as a standard but some minimum eco-friendly steps do cost more. For example, the Green verification process will add to the cost of the home. Energy efficient windows cost more than those of standard builders' grade. These products and techniques do increase the price of turning a starter home into a Green Home.
The bottom line is that the cost really depends on the level of Green desired, in both the design and construction costs of your home. As a base guideline, a home that costs more than $250k would not see much of an increase to build to minimum Green standards. For a home in the lower price ranges, it may cost anywhere from $5k to $7k above the base price to bring it up to such standards. Obviously, the sky is the limit and there are many products on the market now that, while environmentally-friendly, can greatly increase the cost of a Green Home. You can even add solar products and become much more energy-independent for the right price.

Why does Paradime Construction, Inc. Build Green?

Green Products Verses a Green System

Cost per Square Foot Verses Cost to Operate


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