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What is Green Building?

How Much does Green Building Cost?

Why does Paradime Construction, Inc. Build Green?
The initial driving force behind our interest in building Green Homes was purely economic. For our clients, paying a large utility bill just didn't make sense. One way to cut down on these bills was to build more efficiently. This also saved on the overall cost of construction. Through "value-engineering" (an early form of Green Design) and focusing on building a well-insulated home, the customer saved money up front and continued to see these savings throughout the life of the home. Paradime Construction, Inc. has always used "value-engineering" principals as both the designer and the builder. Through our years of experience in both fields, we are able to save our clients money right from the start, beginning with our design process. Also, by utilizing resources that use less waste and more renewable products whenever possible, significant savings can be seen in both construction costs and home maintenance expenses.

With the introduction of the approved standards by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Green Homes were clearly defined and all aspects that go into their design and construction are now measureable and verifiable by qualified third parties. For Paradime Construction, Inc., implementation of this program was both logical and simple, as we were already using many of these techniques in several aspects of our business, and they can now be verified by a third party and receive the seal of approval from the home-building industry.
There are varying degrees of Green when it comes to new homes. You can achieve both a well designed and energy-efficient home with small but deliberate steps. There is also the extreme option of an off-the-grid home that provides its own energy. Most Green Homes fall into the middle of these categories. People want Green Homes for various reasons and that is why these programs allow the homebuyer to customize the level of Green they are looking for in their new home.

Paradime Construction, Inc. is pleased to provide these services to our clients. Planet Earth has only a finite amount of natural resources. Through Green design and construction, today's homes can do their part to conserve both energy and resources. At Paradime Construction, Inc., new construction is the perfect place to take advantage of the ever changing technology and products that allow our Green Homes to outperform other standard homes, easing the impact on both the wallet and the environment.

Green Products Verses a Green System

Cost per Square Foot Verses Cost to Operate

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