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Designing and Building Custom Homes in Chapin, Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, Prosperity and the Lake Murray area of South Carolina.


Onsite Supervision by the owner of the company insures that quality construction and careful attention to detail is followed through by everyone working on the home.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty provides protection to the homeowner if for some reason Paradime Construction, Inc. is unable to complete the work required after closing.

Homes designed with efficiency in mind adds value by allowing more features with less resources.

Homeowner manual digital copy ensures the homeowner is up to date with the latest maintenance information and is accessible 24/7.

Paradime Construction is proud to be an ENERGY STAR Partner. Owning an ENERGY STAR home means that your new home has been designed and built to standards well above other homes in the market today. Your home is a better value today and a better investment for tomorrow. ENERGY STAR homes are inspected and verified by an independent third party to ensure that all standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are met. Choose an ENERGY STAR home. Choose Paradime Construction.

Learn more about ENERGY STAR certified new homes at https://www.energystar.gov/newhomes.


Paradime Earthworks, LLC does all the grading to ensure that the grade around the home is completed properly.
Learn more about Paradime Earthworks https://www.coladirt.com/


Paradime Earthworks, LLC digs all the footings to ensure that the soil the home is built on is a solid foundation and any issues will be reported and handled.

24″ wide footings allow a larger footprint for the home, which adds structural integrity to the foundation and ensures plenty of room for the brick and block to sit on a solid foundation.

Footing concrete contains fiber, which increases the structural ability of the footing.

Full brick and block foundation walls provide a continual structural platform for the home’s structure. This is far superior to pier and curtain wall construction.

Brick foundations give a more aesthetic appearance than block with stucco.

Pex plumbing in slabs with no joints make future leaks an impossibility.

Slab concrete contains fiber, which increases structural ability of the slab.


Truss floor systems provide a solid floor that minimizes deflection over the life of the home where conventional framing weakens over time. Engineered floor systems also minimize noise from spreading throughout the home. Other advantages to the floor truss system are the speed with which it is installed and use of small growth timber instead of the large 2×10 material in conventional framing.

Advanteck flooring is a superior product to conventional tongue and groove flooring because of its strength and ability to withstand water damage. It also comes with a 50 year guarantee.

Truss roof systems provide a solid platform for the roof and whole unit that after attached to the framing become an integral part of the the whole framing package. Like truss floor systems, the speed of construction and the use of small growth timber are similar advantages.

Bottom cord overhang on roof trusses allow more depth at roof edges for more insulation. This insures that the entire roof gets the full R-Value, especially at the edges.

OSB around entire house provides more structural ability to the entire framed home and also provides security and stability in vinyl sided homes.

Zip Wall System provides a complete moisture seal around the home allowing the home to breath but water vapor to be blocked which gives several benefits including mold prevention and future damage to wood.

12″ overhangs diverts more water away from the side of the home than smaller overhangs and also provides more protection from the sun in our southern climate.

Windows and Doors sealed with exterior tape ensures that even if water vapor or droplets get behind the veneer the tape sheds the water around the windows and doors down to the weep holes for evacuation.


Meeting with Electrician allows the homeowner the benefit of deciding the locations of lights, switches, cable, and phone jacks.

Plumbing supply lines are not located in exterior walls which reduces the effect of the temperature of the exterior wall influencing the temperature of the supply line plumbing.


Smooth Ceilings are superior in aesthetics to ‘popcorn’ ceilings.

5 1/4″ Base mould is superior in aesthetics to smaller base molding.

4 1/4″ Casing is superior in aesthetics to smaller casing.

Wood trimmed windows provides a more finished look than drywall return finished windows.

Drywall on all interior walls of the garage provides a more finished look than garages without drywall.

Trim in garages provides a more finished look than bare drywall or no drywall garages.

Fiberglass front door stands up to the elements over time better than wood or metal doors and the front door is the first element guests see in a home. Also the fiberglass door has the option to be painted or stained which gives the homeowners more choice in the aesthetics.

5 1/4″ Crown mould in rooms specified gives a better aesthetic look than a smaller crown mould.

Paint on all garage walls provides a more finished look than garages with bare drywall.

All coats of paint are sprayed even on ceiling and closets which provides a better finish that is easier to repair and match.

A visit from the painter after 1 year ensures plenty of time for mouldings and other woods to settle into place. One year allows the trim to experience all 4 seasons and lose its moisture. Any additional caulking and paint touchup would be a final one for years to come.

High Performance Building Technique

Optional conditioned crawl space provides many benefits including – using the earth’s thermal mass to help heat and cool the home in the extreme temperatures enjoyed in the south; provide no cold or hot floors because the temperature of the living area is the same as the crawl space; no moisture issues in the crawl space because it is completely sealed and humidity is controlled with the HVAC unit; bugs and other rodents cannot access the crawl space because it is a sealed system.

Base plates are sealed with silicone to prevent air and bug infiltration.

Radiant barrier roof decking reduces the solar heat gain and helps the HVAC system maintain a cool home in the summer.

When possible, plumbing fixtures are within 30 linear feet of heat source which conserves water by not having to waste water while waiting for the hot water to reach the fixture.

Optional whole house tankless water heaters conserve electricity by not heating tanked water when the need is not there.

HVAC systems are sized properly by using industry calculations which ensures that the units will match the specific home and not a random per square foot guess.

Programmable thermostats allow the homeowner to adjust the energy usage of the HVAC during times the home will not be occupied or in the evening when demands are not that great.

HVAC ducts are masked during construction to prevent dust from being blown back into the home after final clean and move in.

Duct blaster test is done to insure ducts are sealed within allowances and make sure the homeowner is not heating and cooling spaces outside of the conditioned area.

Insulation is properly installed which allows 100% performance. When insulation is not face stapled and enclosed on all six sides (like a cooler) then air gets into the insulation and reduces its effectiveness.

Optional conditioned attic allows many of the same benefits of the conditioned crawl space including moving the exterior envelope to the roof line where it is easier to seal.

Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints reduce the unhealthy air factors of the new home.

Energy Star dishwasher conserves water and electrical resources over standard dishwashers.

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